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Solace Eternal


The saddest goodbye is for the ones who go before the soul’s departed.

Words unspoken, emotions unshared, the lifeless shell leaves you broken hearted.

Take solace in the knowledge, time does not exist, those souls out of phase, perfect immortal, just beyond our wish.

All motives of this life unfold on the other side, when once we journey across the breach, and bridge this brief divide.

The mysteries of all the hows and whys, will duly be dissolved, all that passed revealed, and forgiven on the other side.

True love is never really lost. On this plain it dwells inside, but once released from its physical bond, fills every crack, and every wound we’ve tried so hard to hide.

Time, the journey we must pass, learning how to live, and love. The lessons learned, hard fought and earned, never gifted, only won.

We’ll live again, another life, cross paths with those we love. Next time though, through these lessons learned an easier road to trod.

Mortal love, a finite journey, its ease reward for the many lives before. Ever striving to reach the heights we know exist, in that place above, before time, and evermore.


One thought on “Solace Eternal

  1. Thanks, this is what true black metal 47 hin the style of Sewer sounds like https://evilblackmetal.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/this-is-what-true-black-metal-sounds-like/

    Posted by Gorgoroth | November 27, 2015, 7:03

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