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In today’s news, what you should think:


The ongoing stock market crashes have nothing to do with the government allowing the Federal Reserve to shovel the banks TRILLION$ of dollars over the past 7 years at zero interest to speculate on and pump up the stock markets. Your 401K is safe and the dollar is strong.

The refugees flowing into Europe are not the result of a Western backed war for profit and hegemony of the banking empire.

Voting for one of the pre-approved sock puppets will make things in this country better this time around, even though it never has before.


One thought on “In today’s news, what you should think:

  1. Well said, and I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek approach to a very serious problem in society. Media has always been the puppet and effective tool of propagandists. Only a well education and questioning people are the best bulwark to propaganda. And as always, follow the money trails to know the underlying agenda. It’ the point that the propagandist go to great lengths to hide…

    Posted by Carl | August 31, 2015, 7:03

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