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Why “Safe Places” Are Necessary In Our Universities; Individualism Will Not Be Tolerated

The Infantilization of Humanity; Why You Need a Keeper

imageThis idea of college students being “young”  and in need of protection is a ridiculous construct of today’s society. For all of recorded history the age of the modern college student would have been full fledged adults even before starting their freshman year of school. This infantilization of humanity is all part of the programming  of course and the push for collectivist, victim mentality.

Today’s society prevents the formation of individuality by conditioning people all the way from primary to secondary school and now more than half of them are subjected  further advanced indoctrination into collectivist thinking at the university level. They are programed to think what is “right”, but most lose the ability to “think” what is right any longer. Conscious active thought is discouraged at every level and more so as the programming progresses. It eventually becomes so difficult to go against the grain of this collectivist mind-set that most as expected retreat into what is comfortable, acceptable and conventional. To be an individual in such a society requires self-confidence, responsibility and courage. This society continually bombards people with the notion that they are incapable of decision making nor caring for themselves. The ultimate goal? The idea being that those things are best left to the government to make such decisions for us and that it will be our keeper from cradle to grave. We are to TRUST them with our own well being.

"Thar be monsters!"

“Thar be monsters!”

The development of the INDIVIDUAL  is only possible in freedom.

Without freedom people are unable to accept responsibility for self nor do they adhere to high moral nor ethical values. This is one of the primary mechanisms of societal control which is employed to produce a highly cooperative and subservient population. Without this level of cooperation it would be impossible for those who run things to manage to do the things they do. Why? Because people capable of thinking, those who do not live in perpetual fear would simply refuse to participate. As it is now, people willingly participate in their own exploitation, even revel in it it. They cheer it on enthusiastically because that is what everyone else around them is doing. The masses support a completely corrupt and exploitative system because they have been convinced from the time they could walk that they could not survive without it. They live in a small closed in world of four walls which protects them from everything they have been told is frightening and dangerous. Beyond those walls is a world so scary, there be monsters, or so they believe. What truly lays beyond those boundaries of thought is freedom, individuality and they don’t want  you to ever walk out that door and see it.


One thought on “Why “Safe Places” Are Necessary In Our Universities; Individualism Will Not Be Tolerated

  1. Great and lucid writing. In a nutshell, what is being described here is the essence and intent of the “Common Core” agenda… training our youth to grow into non-critical thinking minions who are deprived of the practice to ‘think’ in terms of common sense and straight up logic. In fact, ‘Common Core’ is about teaching and training youth to think in ‘Fuzzy Logic’ abstractisms, always in an ungrounded airy fairy state of mind that is easily tranced into the common mindset as determined by the elitists that see ‘individuality’ their greatest enemy, as they are hell bent on the shepherd/flock principle of an engineered society, in essence turning the public into a bunch of sheep. To that point, be an independent ‘Thinking Goat!’ Goats are not easily led off the cliff of conformity to their demise like sheep are. Be a THINKING GOAT!

    Posted by Carl | January 7, 2016, 7:03

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