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The Populist Cry For Glass-Steagall

Is the New Glass-Steagall a Trojan Horse? The housing crash of 2008 wiped out over $6 trillion dollars in American assets and dropped household net worths by almost 40%.  Not only that but the banking debacle also cost an additional $26 trillion in bailouts and another $3.6 trillion in Quantitative Easing. The latter was to keep interest … Continue reading

Arizona Joins Virginia in the NDAA Exodus. Is Nullification the Next New Thing?

What the heck is going on in America? In less than a week’s time a second state has put a foot down making it clear that it will not cooperate with a Federal Law which is blatantly unconstitutional. Yesterday Arizona became the second state to pass a nullification of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  After months … Continue reading

First State to Defy the Federal Government, Virginia Nullifies NDAA

As reported in the previous article Who are the 399 and Why Should You Care?,  the Virginia legislature in February had passed a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) nullification bill in the initial version of HB1160 by both the House and Senate. However it was not without controversy. Originally the House had voted an overwhelming … Continue reading

Congressman Walter B. Jones Initiates the Process of Impeaching President Obama

Congressman Walter B. Jones (R – NC, 3rd District) has introduced a House Concurrent Resolution to initiate the the process of impeaching the President on grounds that the President has over reached his bounds in making aggressive acts and war which have been done without consent of the Congress. This resolution was entered March 7, 2012. Whether this resolution … Continue reading

Who Are the 399 and Why Should You Care?

Last week I was watching an independent news exit poll of predominately white middle aged to senior citizen voters being asked if they knew what the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was. Most of them much to my horror had never heard of it nor had the foggiest notion that the President of the United … Continue reading