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Houston We Have a Problem, No Known Technology to Deal with Fukushima

It was reported today that a U.S. firm named EnergySolutions, which has been involved in the decommissioning of 10 nuclear power plants now aims to garnering multiple contracts for aiding other companies in dismantling Fukushima. This is supposed to also include the spent fuel rods housed there. However we have a slight problem with this … Continue reading

Al Gore’s $100K Electric Karma Fisker Car Flop and $50 Lightbulbs Coming to a Home Depot Near You (updated March 14, 2012)

As if half billion dollar government guaranteed bankruptcies like Solyndra weren’t enough. That disaster, which most likely begat the latest big “green” project, the $1.4 billion (which of course is another DOE partial loan guarantee) Project Amp and largest rooftop solar project ever devised, it’s got to be a boondoggle somehow. For all that investment  they’re going … Continue reading