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Living in the Economic Skinner Box of Learned Helplessness: The Collective Victim

“Press bar to receive pellet for correct response of helplessness.”


Collectivist victim mentality has been induced on a mass scale in the West. It’s learned helplessness by design. This is exactly the mind-set which allows all of the economic rape and pillage by the global banking cartel to continue.

People recognize that they are being harmed by the system, but fail to accept nor recognize their participation in it as the very thing which perpetuates their continued poor treatment. People stand on the moral high-ground; proudly bear the suffering and injustices done them, then look for others to validate their feelings and then not only expect to be offered, but demand sympathy.

Victim mentality is a major tool of Cultural Marxism to control the populace. It has been induced on an almost unimaginable scale in the West over a period of generations through education and the media. It’s learned helplessness by design. The destruction of individuality has produced people dependent upon the collective and less able to utilize society for active self-expression.

I’m not saying that humanity is not suffering from collective violence reigned down upon us by those who control economies and governments. We all are. It’s how we deal with it though, which determines whether our actions are constructive or not. Choosing to take the path of least resistance and internalizing the role of victim is the most dangerous thing people can do. It ensures that the oppressors have the power. It’s exactly the desired response to all the programming stimulus we’ve been subjected. The bulk of society has allowed the powers that be to steal our self-determination. It has made for a very compliant population with slave mentality.

The difference between people who internalize the victim mind-set; those who perpetuate it by validating it for others, in a never-ending circle jerk of self-pity and those people whom I choose to associate with; is that we still realize not only our individual, but our collective power. We still retain a sense of self apart from hive mind mentality. We know that no one is coming on a white horse, in shining armor to save us. It’s up to individuals who are unwilling to accept this lot in life to take responsibility for instituting change. We know that we have to find common ground, work together; never allowing victim mentality to take hold and dissuade us no matter how daunting the task may be.

Do we think this can be achieved in our lifetimes? I’d wager if we took a poll that the majority of us would answer, “Probably not.” That’s not the point though. Even if it can’t be achieved in one generation, it’s laying the groundwork to hopefully make it possible for the generation after us or the next to break out of this 5,000 year model of a top down hierarchy which has always benefitted the few.


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